Hi. I’m Brent Lewis. I’m a native Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shoreman. I’ve written two nonfiction books on regional history, REMEMBERING KENT ISLAND, STORIES FROM THE CHESAPEAKE  and A HISTORY OF THE KENT ISLAND VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT, and in 2015 I published my first novel, BLOODY POINT 1976. I’ve written numerous magazine articles, a newspaper column, and for over a twelve years, I contributed regularly to the Kent Island Heritage Society newsletter. A couple decades ago, my one act play THE SUPERHERO won The Lucille Fletcher Play Writing Award, and I once won a lifetime magazine subscription for making a joke at Jim Carrey’s expense.

That magazine no longer exists.

I’m married to the most wonderful woman, have the greatest daughter, and for almost 30 years have made money as a real estate appraiser.

Sometimes, almost always in the privacy of my home,  I wear a cape.

My blog is a place for me to put stuff. I write it. I may as well put it someplace.

Hope you enjoy.



25 thoughts on “About

  1. Looking for a Personal Historian to help with an Eastern Shore Farmer story/memoir. Would you be interested or know anyone who might be?

  2. Brent, Remember me Mrs. Stringer, (now Marion Drummer)???? David, Bart, JoAnn and Henny Stringer???
    I now live in St. Augustine, FL at 441 Easy Street, Lot #1, zip 32086.
    I have stories to tell you about Grasonville, old pictures, not as many as my Aunt Mary Ewing, but of my family back to the 1800s. David has told me about your books and I can not get over it. GOOD for you, boy, keep up this wonderful work. I have not read them, but would like very much if you could send me copies of them. Let me know how much $$ and would like for you to sign them.
    You can call me when you have time 904-679-3419.
    Tell Norma I said Hello.
    Ms. Marion

    • Hello! Of course I remember you! Thanks for touching base, I certainly will tell Norma hi. Sorry it took me so long to respond, we were out of town for a couple weeks.

      My two non-fiction books Remembering Kent Island and A History of the KIVFD are $20 a piece and my first novel Bloody Point 1976 is $15. I will send all 3 for $50 (I cover the postage). Drop me a line at brentlewis46@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to give you my mailing address. (Amazon sells the books cheaper than I can, but I obviously wouldn’t be able to sign them unless we made some arrangement, which I’m happy to do.)

      Love to talk sometime and especially would like to see any pics you might like to share.

      Thanks again for checking in. I remember growing up in Grasonville with fondness, and always felt close to y’all. Hope all is well.

  3. Brent
    Thanks for the reply. All is well with me, in Sunny St. Auguestine, FL. David is in MD. staying with his father, his # 304-290-9039. Give him a call I know he would love hearing from you. As soon as I can get the money together I will let you know.
    Take Care
    Miss Marion

  4. I spent many summers on the Eastern Shore, and have so many wonderful memories. My Maternal Grandparents had a small farm in Onley, Virginia.
    Has Onley grown??

  5. Hi, while searching for information on black watermen, I came across your blog and the post about Mr. Torriano Berry’s documentary, “Black Captains of the Chesapeake.” I’d love to see if he’s interested in doing a screening for Outdoor Afro (www.outdoorafro.com), a group for which I’m a local leader. If you’re still in touch with him, could you pass along my name and email address? Thank you.

  6. Great article on Chesapeake city in Bay magazine. Are you a Brent? If you are a Brent, are you a Virginia Brent or a Maryland Brent? If Virginia, are you a Lancaster County Brent?

  7. Hello Brent,
    Nice site.
    I’m working on a talk about John Raskob and wondered if you had a high res image of the beautiful aerial of Pioneer Point Farm, with the sailboats on the water. Raskob and a partner bought a lot of land here in New Mexico in the 1930s, some of which later became a National Wildlife Refuge at which I’ve volunteered.


  8. I was wondering in your travels you may know the answer or know someone who might. I have wondered for years, What is the purpose of the high side door on the Starr Methodist Church.
    Thanks, Kelly

  9. Hello Brent,

    I am working on a history project about the Kent Narrows shantytowns and the folks who lived there. I noticed some aerial photos of the narrows from the 80s. I was hoping to locate any of the cabins that were still there but couldn’t quite point them out. I would like to source photos of the actual cabins for our project and was hoping you may be able to point me in the right direction. My email is yolanda@yolandavacree.com. Thank you for your time.

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