Autumn falls

Fall has arrived. Mother Nature prepares for her winter’s nap.

The temperature of the air and water has begun to drop.

Wild rice matures on the banks of our rivers and creeks.

Rock and bluefish are getting fat on smaller fish near the Chesapeake Bay’s surface. Seagulls and terns swoop down to share. Smart fisherman cast their lines in that direction.

Crab harvests are peaking, but our favorite crustacean will spend the cold months buried in the deep, primordial mud at the bottom of the bay. Oysters and clams begin to slow down their metabolism and yellow eels turn silver before heading out to sea for spawning.

Migrating flocks of waterfowl from the north will soon be passing through. Shorebird nests are empty.

Muskrats and snapping turtles keep right on having babies, though.

Time goes on, and we get older with change, but there are constants in this world.

The 18th century French essayist Montaigne wrote, “Let us permit nature to have her way: she understands her business better than we do.”

Seasons change.

It’s nature’s way.


5 thoughts on “Autumn falls

    • I didn’t either until some old person told me. I wouldn’t know wild rice if i tripped over it. Then again, if a grain of rice were big enough to trip over, that would be some wild rice! ba-doomp-da. I’ll be here all week. (Thanks for commenting!)

  1. Bent, you are so talented……What a blessing to have this gift…..That was beautiful….I loved it… Keep writing and I will keep reading…..

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