Day-uhm, this summer’s going fast.

It’s already almost August.

That’ll probably fly by too, what with everything that August brings.

I don’t know how I’m going to fit it all in.

August is Romantic Awareness Month. That one’s easy, my wife’s birthday and our wedding anniversary are both in August. I’ve never forgotten either. She starts reminding how romantic I’m supposed to be me about a month out.

August is both National Catfish Month and National Sandwich Month which can be combined and celebrated with one delicious meal, while Family Fun Month, National Parks Month, and National Picnic Month can all be knocked out in one fell swoop with a trip to the National Park  of your choosing. My Eastern Shore Facebook friends generally recommend filling your basket with: Maryland-fried chicken, crabcakes, sweetcorn–on-the-cob, Old Bay,


melons, ‘maters, beers, slaw and potato salad, and bug spray.

Lots and lots of bug spray.


I can scratch off National Back to School Month and National Golf Month, neither apply to me.

The first week of the month is International Clown Week.


‘Nuf said

The second week is Elvis Week. Elvis is one of the three celebrity deaths (August 16, 1977) that I remember where I was (working as a dock-boy at Pier One Marina on Kent Island) when I heard. John Belushi and John Lennon are the other two, both of who died a few years later while I was aboard the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Nimitz.


That’s also National Smile Week.

How can one smile knowing that Elvis is still dead?

By knowing it’s Shark Week, that’s how.


The 2nd of August is Daughter’s Day (I love mine dearly)


the 3rd is Friendship Day and Watermelon Day (I love both dearly) aug13

and the 9th is Book Lovers Day. My books can be purchased at,, and finer liquor stores everywhere.

The 10th is Lazy Day and the 15th is Relaxation Day, and we could have combined the two, I’m sure, but we just didn’t feel like it.

The 13th is Lefthanders Day – Famous lefthanders include: eight presidents, a bunch of monarchs and emperors, Helen Keller, Kurt Cobain, Larry Bird, and Jack the Ripper.

The 16th is Tell a Joke Day: I know a guy invented a left-handed hammer. Went broke. No left-handed nails.


The 18th is Bad Poetry Day, as in: You got me cold as a coma, hot as Ebola, you better call me a doctor, and have him check out this mole-a.

The 21st is Senior Citizens Day – they deserve that times 365, the 22nd is Tooth Fairy Day – deserves it if said fairy would also visit senior citizens when their teeth fall out, the 25th a day to Kiss and Make Up – almost always a good idea,


and August 26th is National Dog Day, which in my opinion should be right up there with the celebration of old folks. Equal. I’ve never been bitten by either a dog or a senior, but no dog has ever called me stupid, asked me to hand them their teeth, or pushed my daughter into traffic.



August birthdays include Presidents Obama, Clinton, Johnson, Hoover, and Harrison.

Other historical figures born in August: Louis Armstrong, Davey Crockett, Charles Darwin, Francis Scott Key, Annie Oakley, and Mother Teresa.

Some modern luminaries celebrating a birthday in August are Peewee Herman, Thor, Katniss, and the new Batman, as well as Kobe Bryant, Jeff Gordon, Halle Berry, and Maureen Mccormick, who will be 58 this year. That’s right, Marsha Brady will soon qualify for Medicare.


Celebrities born in August who won’t be celebrating: the Little Rascals’ original Alfalfa who died when he, literally, brought a knife to a gunfight, and Michael Jackson.

Plus Elvis.


Historical events that happened in August include 1969’s Woodstock, 1945’s Hiroshima and VJ Day, 1920’s 19th amendment, 1814’s non-musical British invasion, and the fateful day in 1492 when Christopher Columbus set sail upon that ocean blue. (More bad poetry.)

Marilyn died on August 5, 1962; Lady Di on the 31st in 1997.

The least thought provoking, yet to be fair, the Vitamin C-iest, part of August is that it’s the official month of peaches, oranges, and papayas

The most thought provoking part of August?

How about August being What Will Be Your Legacy Month?

The summer’s gone faster than a pitcher of beer at a crab feast.


It’s true the older you get the faster life goes. I never believed it when old people used to tell me that when I was a kid. How could time go faster? The answer is: I don’t know, but it does.

As we grow older, our senses tell us all we need to know. We smell the constant change in the air. We taste the saltiness of a bittersweet existence. We watch our children’s generation grow up and have their own children. We can feel our once youthful bodies begin to give out.

We hear that bullshit that passes for music.

We become our parents, who became their parents, who became so on down the line.

And our children, and our children’s children, will pass that to their children as well.

Time passes. It’s inevitable.

The only way to make the best of it is to make the most of it.

The best you can, let go of negativity.

Make the most of every August you get. Every month you get. Every day.

Let that be your legacy.



  1. A great month of days ahead and life does go fast. So true! One time I said to mom “Gosh you were right time does go by faster when you get older. I bet it’s like a blurr at your age!” I laughed and laughed. She wasn’t quite as amused. Ha. Ha.
    Enjoy all of your August.

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