Brent Lewis, Eastern Shore for sure

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Sure, I’m Eastern Shore.

Ten generations on my maternal grandmother’s side.
That bunch has been wading around these marshy rivers and creeks since the mid-1600s. When Maryland was a new colony, Henry Decourcy was a confidante to the Calvert family and a famed Indian negotiator. In the generations between Henry and me, some of my mother’s forebears, the Courseys and the Bryans, served in historic battles, and as sheriffs and judges, too. They owned great tracts of prime waterfront land that dwindled in proprietary acreage through the centuries until, when given the option over burial, cremation is going to be a far more economical way for me to go.
The point is, Mom’s side of the family kept great records. Over the years they left behind mounds of personal belongings, documents, and photographs.
Dad’s, not so much. They’ve probably been here as long as Mom’s family, but they were watermen…

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4 thoughts on “Brent Lewis, Eastern Shore for sure

  1. Hey, nice read. What time are you speaking at the Jetty Saturday. Let me know if there is anything I can do (other than money unless I win the lotto) to help with the DYI project.

    Love You

    Norma Coursey


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