Dad would have been 84 this month.


Joseph Coleman Lewis  February 7, 1931-April 30, 2005


There’s no denying my dad had complicated relationships with his kids.

Understanding the people we know best can be a most confounding and persistent challenge, but here’s what I’m certain of when it comes to Joe Lewis.

Dad loved life. He tried to squeeze as much of it as he could out of every day. And he was tough. Tough as whitleather is what he would say. In his last months, Dad fought harder to live than anyone I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps he was afraid.

In the end though, when he knew it was his time, he went peacefully and with dignity.

Dad always rooted for the underdog. He was not cruel. He could be self-centered and dismissive of the feelings of others, but carried a soft spot for wild kids and misbehaved animals. The wilder and more misbehaved the better.


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