Mr. Jimmy Ewing

I’ve conducted oral history interviews with many Eastern Shore men & women since 2001, and as much as I enjoy the stories that make me laugh, the one that inspires me to lighten up is among my most treasured. Jimmy Ewing, one of Kent Island’s favorite sons, once told me, “The Circle (restaurant) wasn’t always a success. I spent many sleepless nights, and more than once decided to close the place and go to work for somebody else. One man changed my mind for me, and I’ve been grateful to him ever since. Dr. (Theodor) Sattelmaier stopped by one day for a sandwich. I told him some of my troubles. He listened until I had finished pouring out my heart and then in his familiar accented English said…”Stick it out Jimmy. It won’t always be this bad. Tomorrow is going to be better, you’ll see.” Though I still had my doubts, something about his encouraging and sincere remarks stuck with me. And from then on things kept getting better and better. I’ll always be glad for the day old Doc stopped by and gave a worried man a much needed shot in the arm. He taught me not to worry. “Worry,” Doc Sattelmaier said, “is a bad disease.”


Mr.Jimmy Ewing, a true Kent Islander, and one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the privilege to know, passed away this morning.  His lovely and kind wife Isabel passed away just a few short weeks ago.

6 thoughts on “Mr. Jimmy Ewing

  1. Brent: Such a sad posting, You correctly identified Jimmy as a true Kent Isiander but I will also remember him as a true young man who grew to manhood in Grasonville. I allways enjoyed meeting Jimmy and Isabel at the Stevensville High reunions. He always reminded me he and my brother Jimmy were in school together, and served together in CO K in WWII. The two played cards the night before my brother was killed in action in Germany. They will be sorely missed in lower Queen Anne’s County!!! Jack

  2. Mr Ewing was a dear friend to my father. I will never forget that within a week of his wife’s death, he took time to come to Dad’s (Stubby Gilbert) funeral. That meant a lot to my family.

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