Last night, Fisherman’s Crab Deck hosted the book launch party for BLOODY POINT 1976. A great success, I’m always overwhelmed by the enthusiastic support I get from my family, friends and supporters. We had a blast, sold a ton of books, and saw so many friendly faces, some of them old friends, some of them new. Now I just hope my readers enjoy the book enough to leave a 4-5 star review on Amazon. Nothing promotes your favorite writers like a 5-star review. Thanks to the Schulz family and Mary Lee Brown for always having given me someplace to be. Your support’s been unwavering and you’ve always been there for me.


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…and then I went home and felt a little melancholy watching my man David Letterman do his last show. I’ve been a fan since the first time I saw that dude, and he will be missed. There isn’t anybody who has done more to bring comedy and music into our late nights. Thanks, Dave. You’ll always be the best.


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