TBT – Maurice Dashiell and Hurricane Isabel


“I knew a big surge was coming”, says Grasonville charter boat captain Maurice Dashiell, a Rock Hall native and professional fisherman since 1971.

“I just didn’t expect anything that big.”

Preparing for the bad weather headed our way, Capt. Dashiell hauled his 40’ wooden fishing boat the Mary C. out of the water on Thursday, September 18. He wondered if the boat was blocked high enough, but the lift had already moved on to other business.

Dashiell dismissed his fleeting concerns. He left south Kent Narrows and drove to his home on Winchester Creek to wait the storm out.

“At midnight the water was halfway up my yard,” he says. “At three in the morning you could actually watch it moving inland like Jaws. Da-dun, da-dun, dun-dun, dun-dun, dun-dun…Wasn’t anything gradual about it. When the dog wanted to go out at six, she stopped at the door because the…

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