MARCH 1971, 73 & 74

The March 4, 1971 issue of The Bay Times featured a  short story about a convict who walked away from the Eastern Correctional Camp. Though the headlines sort of entertainingly reads like six words from the article were pulled randomly from a bag, the best part of the piece is the defendant’s legal argument that the “indictment against him be dismissed for a long list of reasons, including the camp had no bars or fences, so legally he did not escape, because there was nothing to escape from.”

Makes sense to me.

Also – “You don’t have to worry, I’m not going to hit you.” is always a classy way to wrap up any legal proceedings.

‘Cause it is.


In March 1971, waterfront lots were going for $12,000-$18,000 and the Pier #1 Restaurant (now Hemingway’s) was just opening and featured “Real Eastern Shore Seafood.”

The Grasonville Cub Scouts held their annual Blue & Gold dinner that March at Grasonville Primary School. Awards were given, including one for me, though I can’t remember what for. Perhaps I had just won a bunch of badges. Perhaps I had just made Webelo.

Perhaps I just had the best white boy afro.

‘Cause I did.




Two years later the girl scouts were the March 1st  focus:


A week later there was this story about a couple of watermen who were involved in “a little mishap” and could’ve died in the icy winter waters of the Chesapeake Bay, but were rescued by their fellow oyster catchers:


I’ve had the privilege of knowing most of the men in this story, and have heard Mr.Phil tell it in person. He acknowledges now how dangerous the situation was, though he still calls the incident ” a little mishap.”

And Mr. Billy Baxter once told me this same thing in an oral history interview:

“You’re never really safe in a boat.”

‘Cause you’re not.

Also – Waterman To Run, Woman Serious.










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