Eastern Shore Profile – Wally Dashiell

Ms. Dashiell, at age 92, has done it again by winning 8 more track and field gold medals in this summer’s Maryland Senior Olympics! Here’s to a hall-of-fame role model!


Trying to define a person is a difficult task.

With everything Wally Dashiell has been and done, it’s next to impossible.

Wally was a youthful German performer during World War II. As a postwar American wife and mother, Wally taught ballet, jazz, tap, and character dance for over six decades. She’s a multi-gold medalist Senior Olympian, and won the first ever Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce award for outstanding volunteerism.

She’s a breast cancer survivor, green thumb gardener, needlework craftsperson, and crossword enthusiast. On her annual winter vacation she skis for hours on end. She’s thrown out the first pitch at an Oriole’s game and in 1996 was honored to be one of the Marylanders chosen to carry the Olympic torch.

In 2007, Wally was inducted into the Maryland Senior Citizens Hall of Fame.

Wally Dashiell is a perpetual whirlwind of activity and a beloved Eastern Shore icon.



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