Video courtesy of QACTV and George Harvey

All pictures courtesy of The Bay Times & Doug Bishop:

58b5bc2952d5b-imageMontro Wright, Lamont Wright, George O’Donnell & Michael Ruth58b5bc20b3fa7-imageEmcee Brent Lewis58b5bc21a71a4-image58b5bc2650bd6-imageJohn ‘Bluey’ Thomas, Jerry Harris & Montro Wright58b5bc2511317-imageLamont Wright58b5bc279d12d-imageJoey Horney58b5bc274beba-imageMontro Wright58b5bc255def2-imageMichael Ruth58b5bc245d199-imageCharles Bryan and Lewis Carter58b5bc27ed2f0-imageKaren Harris Oertel58b5bc26ef1e5-imageGeorge O’Donnell58b5bc25ec81a-imageJohn ‘Bluey’ Thomas & Jerry Harris58b5bc23b1463-image58b5bc23635f1-image58b5bc2310f01-image58b5bc2261a3e-imageBill Benton & Chesapeake Bay Artifacts


  1. My name is Anthony Carter and I am the youngest brother of Lewis Carter, the video of the water really brought back fond memories of my growing up on Kent Narrows. I was actually born on the Narrows in a Shanty, my family didn’t have a lot but then again if you stayed on Kent Narrows few did. Growing up we did have a close, loving, hard working and very, very humorous family and I wouldn’t have trade those experiences for nothing in the world. Since my Kent Narrows days, I have retired from the U.S. Air Force, finished my B.S degree in Workforce Education, and finishing up my 20th year of teaching Air Force Junior Reserves Officers Training Corps (AFJROTC) here in North Carolina. It is because of those early years on Kent Narrows and living in Grasonville, I have come the man I am today. I will never forget Kent Narrows, the people and families of the Narrows, and they will always have my love and respect for the rest of my life. Thanks for the amazing video and documentary of the “WATERMEN” it would be great if there was a museum displaying their lives, the stories and the history of a very special part of Maryland’s history. I am now a father and grandfather and would love to show kids and grandkids more about the life of the waterman and on Kent Narrows. I am so proud of my parents, Lewis Carter Sr, and Flora Carter, my big sister Shirley Carter Aytch, also big brothers Lewis, David, Dennis and Dean Carter, they all worked on the water, or a the Oyster Houses. They all taught me the true meaning of family, love and support, also something even more important, like they say “It’s not what you have, It’s what you do with what you have”

    • HI Anthony – sorry its taken so long for me to reply! Thank you so very much for sharing your memories. One of the best parts about doing this is having other people share with me their own stories. Yours is among the most satisfying I’ve ever read. Thanks for taking the time to write me! Sincere best wishes to you and yours.

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