Thanks to the interest and response I received over the picture with which I ended the most recent post of easternshorebrent, here’s an Easter bonus for all my friends, readers, and fans of Eastern Shore history:XScan0027XScan0028

CHESTER SCHOOL, 1938:yScan0005 (2)Carlene Jones, Shirley Thompson, Jean Golt, Elizabeth Marshall, June Nash

Sonny Boy Hampton, Elsie Marshall, Tini Baxter, Jean Tolson, Joyce Thomas, Lorraine Kelley

Gordon Crouch, Bunky Severa, John Thompson, Shorty Thomas, Bobby Sewell, Stanley Clark, Nip Legg,

Sonny Golt, Dan Schuyler, Sonny Schulz, Frankie Taylor, Lummie Thomas, Wiliam Austin & my dad, Joe Lewis

THE BAY TIMES – GRASONVILLE BOY SCOUTS: 3/9/1972:yScan0001 (3)yScan0001 (4)yzScan0001 (2)

THE BAY TIMES – FASHION SHOW, 03/19/1970:yyScan0015 (2)

THE BAY TIMES – MARCH, 1968:yyScan0013 (2)

THE BAY TIMES – 3/11/1971:yyScan0012 (2)

THE BAY TIMES – 4/8/1971:yyScan0004 (2)

THE BAY TIMES – APRIL 8, 1971:yyScan0009 (2)yyScan0008 (2)

THE BAY TIMES – 3/22/1973:yyScan0007 (2)

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