ONCE TOLD ME…about school

My uncles Roger Lewis and Wes Thompson have passed away since this was originally posted in 2013, and today, May 9, 2017, is this year’s National Teachers Day. Thank a teacher today.



In 1912 the original Stevensville High School graduated its first senior class: Katie Cray, Angie Legg, Anna Porter, and Etta Thomas. This picture was taken after a 1913 second story was added.


 This year, Teachers Day falls on Tuesday, May 7th.

 Teacher’s Day, plus the fact that school will soon be ending for the year, got me thinking about the stories some Kent Island old timers have shared with me about their, oh, let’s call it education.

Retired Stevensville businessman Billy Denny once told me, “When I first went to school, I was sitting in Miss Bessie Bright’s class, who later on became Miss Bessie Benton, and she was teaching the sounds of different letters and words. She was pronouncing the C-H sound. She and the rest of the class moved on, but I must have liked that ch-ch-ch sound (so I kept making the it.) I…

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