I was not yet four years old when BATMAN starring Adam West premiered in January 1966, but that television show had an impact on me that lasts to this day.

My mother reading out loud to me the THWACKs, SWOOSHs, and KAPOWs Image

of the show’s  fight scenes is one of my earliest memories, not just some anecdote I’ve heard from others and kind of sticks, but the real, sensory, seeing-it’s-just-the-start, I-can-hear-it-taste-it-smell-it-feel-it type.

We had a black and white TV and lived in a two bedroom trailer behind my mom’s parents’ house and general store in Grasonville.

I believe my grandparents, Grover and Virginia Clough, bought their first color set somewhere right about that time as well. Seeing BATMAN in color must have blown my little mind, because though I do remember watching the show at their house, I can’t specifically remember those viewings like I do those times I saw…

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2 thoughts on “BATMAN AND ME

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