On her next birthday in September, mom would have been 80 years old.


As far back as I can remember, my mom would leave little notes. No matter the subject. She’d always sign them “love and”…something. Love and lots of fun, love and where’s your report card, love and hot dogs for dinner. The second part of her closing was always unique and specific. Love always came first.

My mother would have been 76 this coming Saturday. I wrote this when she passed away in July, 1999:

Dear Mom:

It will not be easy to put into words how much we loved and will miss you

The only way I can come close is with our thanks.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your strength.

Thank you for showing us how to love generously. You loved your family with all you had and still had love left over for others. You loved your children – all your children, whether they were…

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6 thoughts on “Mom

  1. Thanks so much for putting into words what so many of us feel that have lost our Moms.  Mothers Day is always bittersweet.  One can feel the bitter sting of the loss and the sweet memories of what we had. Thanks friend, you made it for me. Tony

  2. this made me cry. mrs jackie will always be in my heart. she was a very special person who i will never, ever forget.

  3. So fine, so true for all the “love comes first” folks in the world – the ladies, that is. Mothers or not, it does seem to me that things do work that way for the female of the species. Thanks for sharing these ideas and experiences! See ya Thr, I hope!

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