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So, Holly’s closed.


After more than half a century, the multi-generational family business and regional culinary landmark served up their last piece of Eastern Shore fried chicken and their final chocolate milkshake this past Sunday.

Located in Grasonville along the Rt50/301 highway, about ten miles from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Holly’s Restaurant opened in 1955, three years after the bridge’s completion. For many of us around here, as well as for a multitude of folks who passed through over the decades, Holly’s has been a part of our whole lives.


Holly’s is now one of those places.

One of those places that used to be, but isn’t any more.

Carnabucci’s carryout, The Islander, Leonard Smith’s store, Fox’s five and dime stores, Bill’s Bargain Center, the Stuckey’s in Grasonville, Dezi’s, The Circle Restaurant, Tastee Freeze, Capt. Alex’s, Gil Dunn’s pharmacy, Ebb Tide, Grollman’s Hardware and Liquor, Bob’s Mini-mart, Anglers, Jinx’s, dozens of…

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2 thoughts on “SO, HOLLY’S CLOSED

  1. I have such great memories of most all these places. The real tragedy is my SON will never get to experience “the way life used-to-be” . i grew up in the best place, had the best friends, (and there families) and generations upon generations of my own family. Proud to have been able to experience all these family owned business. Great memories. Sadness when they all fell to “so called” progress. Miss them all

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