When I was selling Eastern Shore real estate in the early 1980’s, my friend, mentor, and broker Reggie Jones, kept a sales book featuring aerial views of various Kent Island neighborhoods, subdivisions, and properties. When I was writing my 2010 book, Remembering Kent Island: Stories from the Chesapeake, Reggie was one of my interview sources. Not only did Reggie share with me his knowledge and stories of Kent Island, he  gave me his book of aerial photographs. Reggie told me that the pilot for these flights was Ace Allen, and though some of the photos were noted to be taken in the late 1960’s, most were mislabeled and actually were photographs from the early 1980’s as evidenced by the existence of Hardee’s, Kent Island’s first modern fast food drive- through, and the now extinct Pizza Hut, as well Queens Landing condominiums and various other landmarks.

Without being able to accurately date all of the following photographs, I’m presenting some of Reggie’s collection here with the assumption most were taken around 1980-83, and with nothing more than the location (mostly) as written on the back of the original picture.

Thanks for the pics, Reggie, and for all the friendship you’ve shown me over the years.

thompson crk (2)Bay Bridge, Rt.8., Thompson’s Creek

thompson creek kent manorThompson’s Creek, Kent Manor Inn

east fromcox crk80Shopping Center, Rt.50, Harbor View

h. view, shoppin centerCox Creek, Harbor View, Rt.50

50 church sc 80Kent Island Shopping Center, Rt.50, Catholic Church

h. view rt50 shoppin centerHarbor View

queens landing21980queens landing19801980Queen’s Landing

chester (2)Chester & the Chester River

chester (3)Chester

kirwan hog island prospect bay narrowsGoodhands Creek, Hog Island, Prospect Bay, upper left – Kent Narrows

dominion rd80Dominion

marling farms (3)Marling Farms

turky pt southwinds 1969 (2)Turkey Point (now Southwinds)

tower gardens1Tower Gardens

kentmoorCrayford, Kentmoor Airpark and Shipping Creek

clvrflds (2)Cloverfields

love point-rivervw1980love point01980Love Point



  1. these are fantastic… my son who goes to KI HS (senior) just started an ariel drone photography business and it would be great to take current high definition photos with the drone and compare them to these!

    • Glad you enjoyed, Dave, and thanks for taking the time to comment! Since this is a free blog, I can’t afford to patronize your son’s new business (though I wish him good luck!), but if he ever wanted to contribute updated pics, I’d post a new blog, give your son and his business photo credits, and promote his new business with a link and/or advertisement. Thanks again for commenting and I hope you’ll stick with my blog. If you follow, you’ll get e-mail updates when a new post is up, and I try to post once a week. Cheers –

  2. Fantastic photos! In the 80s I played Little League on the Island and I believe Reggie Jones was my asst. coach. His son Willard was on my team

    • Glad you enjoyed, and thanks for taking the time to comment. Reggie is a great guy and I got a nice facebook message from Willard letting me know he appreciated the post! Hope you continue to follow easternshorebrent.

  3. Wow, am soooo homesick, will always love “the Island”, though it has grown and changed so much. Coming back one day, thanks for the photos and for sharing our wonderful shore Brent!

  4. Enjoyed the pics it takes me back to when I worked there and all the fun we had there.Miss all the waterman and the drovers.RIP

  5. I remember seeing several of these prints that Reggie had hanging in the office when we worked there together around 1986. It seems like a life time ago. I’ve been away from the Island for 20 years now. I miss seeing the Bay every day. When I do get a chance to get down that way the changes and growth are unbelievable!

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