A Halloween repost – hope you enjoy the Mummies of Wye Mills!


Wye Mills is a quiet and unpretentious little Eastern Shore village which dates back to the 17th century, and straddles the rural-suburban Maryland counties of Talbot and Queen Anne’s. The Wye East River, running north and west of the town, and, to the south, Skipton Creek, create a ragged 90-degree capital L permeated at its edges with a supersensory end-of-the-road vibe, especially after the sun sets.

Before U.S. Rt.50 was expanded in the late 1940s, allowing the rest of the western world easy access across ‘The Shore’ on their way to ‘The Beach’, the stretch of two-lane highway between Queenstown and Easton was part of Rt.213, and even back then, like today, Wye Mills, tucked back just out of sight from the beaten path, must have seemed like a place lost in time.

The place is old.

The town’s namesake flour-producing mill has been grinding it out since 1682…

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