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Honoring Queen Anne’s County Chesapeake watermen of the past and present

66-e1494903416511Joseph Coleman, Kent Island, MD, c.1920s

Garrett Ruth 1950s or 60s (2)Waterman Garret Ruth takes a smoke break

12895333_10206067869592113_279005912_n  Kent Islanders George Golt, Sr & Tom Gardner, early 20th century

anthonyScan0010Charles ‘ Chalk’ Anthony with lamprey eel

13051609_165416207188816_3835711765619018126_nLeonard & Bill Hoxter, c.1960s

6309_195785850571753_2109983811_nMedford & John Thomas demonstrating early clam rig in Kent Narrows

0001josh wattsCapt. Josh Watts (on right)

00storytelling0cbcharles bryanCharles Bryan and Irene

000storytellingScan00101976-77000storytellingScan00011976-77bOystering in Winter 1976 -1977

000storytellingScan0011sonnynashCaptain and boat builder Sonny Nash c.1970s

000storytelling0003melvin clarkMelvin Clark making netting for crabbing dip net

000storytelling0002kentnarrows1930sKent Narrows c.1940

13592792_10206912764762072_557580661125400720_nJoey Saddler handtonging for oysters in winter

harry_SHHarry Davidson,  water, musician, & menhaden activist

13087404_10207868773431281_4798280178677265502_nWilliam ‘Bobo’ Hampton


5 thoughts on “WATERMEN’S STORY SWAP APRIL 2018

    • His daughter Rebecca provided that pic. She said: I was on the boat with Dad (William ‘Bobo’ Hampton) as he was telling me he was never going to retire I looked at this beautiful sunrise and said yup Dad if I had your office I wouldn’t retire either. He was true to his word.

  1. You might make mention of Varley Lang “Follow the Water” back in 1961 book about the watermen. Lived in Talbot. Tommy

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